Test, Strip & Report:

Is your starter motor or alternator faulty or just not working properly?

No need to panic, we are here to help!

We offer a comprehensive test, strip and report on all makes of starter motors and alternators. We carry out a full bench test followed by a complete strip of the unit to ascertain the cause of the fault. The report is then completed and returned to the customer with our findings, we will then give you a price of repair if needed.

Unit Remanufacturing:

The rotating unit repair workshop is able to offer customers while you wait testing on a diverse range of starter motors, alternators, hydraulic lift & pump motors, wiper motors etc. Once tested our rebuild engineers can evaluate the output performance against manufacturer’s data.

We can offer:

•        First Aid repair - limited warranty

•        Full refurbishment - 12 month warranty (Subject to T&C’s)

•        Supply new or reman unit (When the customers unit B.E.R)


We pride ourselves in delivering customers a first class service to all unit repair.